• Vertical Aluminum Mount Kit (Part# 211)

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Vertical Aluminum Mount Kit (Part# 211) Features

Anodized Polarity

This mount features anodized “positive” and “negative” markings to allow easy readability and avoid hooking up the battery incorrectly.

7000 Series Aluminum

Lightweight, strong and non-corrosive. This alloy allows an ultralight mount that is secure and is able to handle high G-loads for land, sea and air use.

Everything Included

This mount includes the self drilling screws, bolts and spacers to mount the batteries models mentioned above.

  • Battery Application
  • b0049, b6034, b7548, b3121c, b2015c, b14115c, b106c, b3121, b2618, b2317, b2015, b14115

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